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Dynamic Templates - How to edit Dynamic Flash Templates

How to edit Dynamic Flash templates?

Dynamic Flash Templates technology allows you to edit text and change pictures in your site, eliminating the necessity to modify and recompile FLA source file.

Flash source files (.FLA) are present in the template package as well. However, try to avoid modifying these files unless you understand ActionScript.

Here’s the basic information you need to know to edit Dynamic Flash Template:

1. Do not delete the main file of the template – index.html

2. You must edit the HTML files in the ‘With_fl\Html’ folder to change the text. All HTML files have ‘xxxx’ in the beginning, where ‘xxxx’ is the number of the template you have purchased. DO NOT rename them! Otherwise, you will not be able to edit text without Macromedia Flash software.

3. Text editing:

Open ’xxxx_PageName.html’ file in text editor where ‘PageName’ is the name of the page you want to edit. In this file you will find h1...hnand t1…tn variables. H-variables are charged with header text, E-variables are charged with text blocks. Find the variable you need and type in your text after the sign of equality (=)

NB: Simple html tags <u> <b> <i> <br> <a href=""> and <font> are supported.

4. Picture editing:

There are xxxx_pagename1.jpg files in the ‘With_fl\Html’ folder, where ‘PageName’ is the name of the page you want to edit and 1 is the number of the picture o­n the page. Just substitute the initial picture with the desired o­ne in order to change it.

NB: Your picture must have the same width and height as the original o­ne for page displaying.

5. Uploading to server:

Upload all files from the template ‘With_fl\Html’ folder to your ‘public_html’ or ‘www’ folder o­n server. All files should be placed in one folder. Please contact your hosting provider for details.


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